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Success in corporate America doesn’t depend solely on your education and background. Michelle Edith Jones challenges readers with the idea that success also hinges on how well you can outthink your competition—and your boss, if need be.


Jones’s book, Corporate Games: Outthink the Competition and Take It All, offers a comical look at the strange world of corporate employment and what it takes to succeed in a cutthroat environment. Part memoir, part how-to, Corporate Games features a stark look at what it’s like to be employed within a corporation. It shows that although you shouldn’t necessarily commit evil deeds to get ahead, blurring the gray areas of ethics may ultimately be in your best interest.


“This publication, while offering advice to those seeking corporate employment, is not the “Bible” of corporate employment, and it should be understood that the reading of this book will in no way guarantee anyone a job,” Jones says. Rather, the book is a mash-up of corporate tell-all memoir and some common sense advice, meant to entertain as well as inform.


Jones’s own climb up the corporate ladder began when she agreed to apply for a temp job. She got the job and her aunt got a $300 referral bonus. Little did she know that the temp position would start a professional career. Since then she’s won fourteen promotions and worked at seven corporations, achieving success with only her high school diploma and a killer instinct.